The Healthy Hair Program

Created by a Pro for Real Results

Our Healthy Hair Program will change every misconception about wearing hair extensions and hair growth! We have years of experience with women just like you! On a search for a way to grow longer, stronger, and healthier hair! Get prepared to see how wearing extensions with a detailed hair care regime will exceed your expectations

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The Process

1. )Visit the salon for your initial healthy hair package or buy a regimen online and take it to your stylist. 

2.) We will discuss the hair regimen and desired extensions service that will be best for your hair.

3.) You will get your protective style and wear it for 6-12 weeks.

4.)Your natural hair underneath your extensions is cared for and monitored by your stylist and you will be given the recommended products to use in between salon visits for maximum results.

5.)When you take your extensions out your hair is treated with a strengthening product.

6.) Your extensions are reinstalled or you will take a strict break.

7.) After the course of the recommended time, we will take out your extensions to revel healthy, thick natural hair. 



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