5 ways to get your hair thicker


5 ways to get your hair thicker

Honestly, there is no way to change the texture of the hair follicles but there are many ways to make the hair appear thicker, and reduce breakage, excessive shedding, and hair loss. Some simple things include eating a nutritious diet and scalp massages.

Hair thinning can affect anyone at any stage of life. This can contribute to age, illness, lack of nutrition, and even stress. The good thing is there are lifestyle changes you can do to boost your nutrition and products to help your hair become healthy and in return appear thicker. The key to these changes is consistency in the routine.

Check for vitamin deficiency 

When hair tends to thin out it is sometimes due to a lack of nutrients in the body. You would want to ask your primary care physician to run a full panel on you to ensure all levels are normal. Make sure they check for low vitamin d, low iron, or vitamin b12. If you lack any of these supplements take additional vitamins. If things are normal you can continue to take a daily multivitamin and our Hair Growth Gummies. This will ensure you get an adequate amount of daily nutrients for your hair to thrive.

Eat Good Look Good-

As a trichologist, I recommend boosting hair growth by incorporating hair-nourishing foods into a healthy diet that is linked to strong, healthy strands. Look for foods that are high in fatty acids, protein, and vitamins A, B, C, and E that are particularly effective for those actively experiencing hair loss.

Scalp Massage & Exfoliating

A 2016 study  Trusted Source showed that massaging the scalp can help thicken the hair. It found that a 24-week massage treatment increased hair thickness. You can do this daily and include this in your morning or nightly routine. You can also exfoliate by scrubbing away product and environmental buildup, which creates a fresh, clean surface that is not weighed down. Over time, hair products, shampoos, conditioners, and oils can create buildup on the scalp, which can weigh down not only your hair but create phlegm on the scalp and clogs your hair follicles. Our detox shampoo helps get rid of build-up and is packed with nutrients to put back into the hair.

Choose the right hair care product

Use products that help thicken and strengthen your hair with natural keratin and amino acids. These two ingredients are the building block of your hair and should be replenished often. This is because styling, coloring, heat, and the environment tend to wear on your strands. When looking for a product that strengthens your hair looks for words like hydrolyzed proteins from wheat and oats and amino acids. Our Repair & Renew System has these ingredients to help repair & strengthen your hair plus it also has Biton which is a B vitamin and is known for hair growth.

Microneedling Also known as micro-rolling involves pricking your scalp with tiny, sterilized needles to reach the next layer of your skin with a handheld tool. This can also be done with a derma roller which is the same concept. Microneedling stimulates the hair follicles, and a 2013 study Trusted Source shows that in combination with topical treatment, it may help with regrowth, fullness, and thickness. I like to try treatments that are natural before going to Minoxidil as some people are allergic to that medication. Make sure you check with a Certifed Trichologist or Physician before doing this treatment. 

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