How to Care For Your Natural Hair: 5 Hair Growth Tips For Black Hair


Black hair comes in all different shapes, colors, and textures that are beautiful and worthy of not only celebration—but care. 

Your hair is your crown, so preserve its beauty and vibrancy by stepping up your hair care routine! We know that whether you wear your hair straight or natural, taking care of your hair can be an uphill battle and overwhelming at times. But trust us—it doesn’t have to be! 

Taking the extra time and effort to keep your hair healthy and flourishing doesn’t have to take you all day. So, to help you along your hair journey, we’ve rounded up some tried-and-true hair care tips that’ll promote a healthy head of natural hair. Read on and unlock some hair care secrets that’ll change your routine for the better: 

  1. Treat your hair to monthly deep conditioner treatments. 

The most important key to achieving healthy, natural hair is keeping your hair moisturized. Besides your regular nightly routine, it’s a good idea to incorporate optimal moisture into the hair by deep conditioning it once or twice a month, depending on your hair needs. Deep conditioning helps deeply hydrate your hair, making it soft, protected against breakage, and defined. 

  1. Invest in products with high-quality ingredients. 

Products with parabens, sulfates, and petroleum should not be used in your hair as these ingredients lead to build-up and damage. Instead, always try to opt for simple products that are all-natural and high-quality. And as a good rule of thumb, companies that are transparent about their ingredients, such as Yes! Hair Co. are the most dependable. 

  1. Trim your ends regularly. 

A little trim won’t hurt anybody, and in fact, it leads to longer, nourished hair in the long run! When you let your weak ends continue to hold on, more breakage can occur to healthy parts of your hair. So, let go of your dead ends, and don’t be afraid to trim your ends at least every 4 months. 

  1. Don’t skip shampooing your hair. 

    Sure, Black people don’t have to wash their hair as much as other people of different ethnicities, but we still should wash our hair regularly to give it a proper detox. Aim to shampoo your hair every 2-3 weeks to get rid of dirt and build-up, relieving your clean, healthy hair underneath!

    1. Avoid tight up-dos and styles. 

    Those slicked-back high buns are cute, but if a style is so tight that it causes discomfort, avoid it at all costs. Always go for low-tension styles that allow your hair to breathe, and if you rock a tight up-do one day, make sure you give your hair a break the next! 

    1. Have patience. 

    Spend less time being frustrated with your hair and more time embracing it! Don’t be quick to give up on your hair and give yourself time to find what maintenance routine works for you. We believe that Black hair is worthy of celebration and protection at Yes! Hair Co., so have patience and give your hair the love it so deserves. 

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